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Psychotherapy + Integrative Energy Techniques:  $135/50 min session

     Traditional psychotherapy combined with integrative energy techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques™) are a powerfully effective methods for healing the inner barriers that keep us from living the life we desire.

     Individual counseling provides clients with an opportunity to focus extensively on issues of concern. Clients can work at their own pace in a safe, nurturing, professional and private setting.  Whatever it is that you desire—psychological well-being, improved health, better relationships, greater prosperity—it all begins with reconnecting with your authentic self.

     For more information on Anita Bains click here.

*Please note:  Anita does not accept insurance co-pays.  However, a bill will be provided which you can submit to your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits.

Spiritual Life Coaching   Free/ 15 min. intro phone session, $125/50 min session

We are Spiritual beings.  As such, we are charged with the constant task of balancing our internal Spiritual lives with the demands of the external physical one.  We often have within us visions, desires and purposes yearning to be realized that may not be understood by others or supported by the demands of our environments.  How do we pay the rent, be a good partner or spouse, employee, parent, son/daughter, etc. AND be spiritually fulfilled at the same time?  As people develop their Spiritual understanding, many struggle with the feeling that they are living two lives…their day to day and their spiritual lives.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Laura Rawlings supports her clients in integrating the two.   She supports the client in identifying and clearing unconscious, non-productive beliefs, thoughts, patterns and behaviors that may have been obscuring their vision or preventing them from realizing their highest vision of themselves.  In the process of manifesting their vision, clients are able to further develop their spiritual consciousness and embrace their spiritual identity.  Spiritual Life coaching is not religion-based, but rather, works with the client’s understanding of Spirit.  Joy, satisfaction, clarity, enhanced performance, peace, better understanding of self, releasing the past, improved relationships, and more are the benefits you will receive from Spiritual Life Coaching.


Issue Clearing $160/80 minutes

This one-time session is similar to a coaching session but is targeted to work on a specific issue that may be challenging you or blocking you from moving forward in your life.  It is designed to offer an opportunity to see your situation from a different perspective and to leave with processes and/or tools to continue the work at home.

Learn more about Laura Rawlings, our owner and Spiritual Life Coach here.


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