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     Manifest Joy, formerly the Still Point Mind and Spirit Center is a collection of holistic practitioners who have been assembled to support you in living your best life. 

     Designed to do for your mind and spirit what a spa does for your body, Manifest Joy is committed to having something which will support you in experiencing a greater sense of well-being and more joy in your life.

     Having been in the personal growth field for well over 15 years, owner Laura Rawlings has watched the landscape change dramatically during that time.  What was once considered to be “new-agey” and “alternative” is now firmly rooted in the mainstream.  As a result of the growing exposure and a lack of regulation in many fields, there has been flood of weekend programs and overnight experts leaving many folks interested in exploring but unsure about who to turn to.   By carefully interviewing and auditioning practitioners Manifest Joy takes the guesswork out of finding a qualified professional practitioner.  Most of our practitioners offer free, no-obligation phone consultations so that you can ask questions and see if they are a good fit and Laura is always available to answer questions and take the mystery out of choosing a practitioner.

     Whether you’re just trying things out or are an experienced practitioner, Manifest Joy has something to support you in moving to your next level.

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